Teaching The Traditional Martial Art Of Tae Kwon Do In Lancaster Since 1986

Kim Studio Lancaster
We are a school of traditional Tae Kwon Do founded in 1986 and led by Grandmaster Il Hoi Kim. Grandmaster Kim opened his first Tae Kwon Do studio in Harrisburg in 1974. He continues to teach beginners through Master Instructors and oversees our Harrisburg and Lancaster Studios. All of our teachers continue to train with Grandmaster Kim and are certified through the Kukkiwon of Seoul, Korea.

Mr. Edward Sisler offers his top three reasons why he chooses to train at Kim Studio:


  • A fun place to work out,
  • Great instructors who are patient with me as I learn new forms, and
  • I really like that my daughter and I can come to class together.

“What I love about Kim Studio is that life’s problems never cross its threshold. They wait patiently for me outside the door. After class, I return to them stronger in spirit and ready to give all I have to make my community a better place.”

Master Bender– Kim Studio Teacher


“Kim Studio is a great place to learn Tae Kwon Do because it is taught in its traditional form. Training at Kim Studio has allowed me to become a better and more confident person.”

Miss Syed– Kim Studio Student


“Since my daughter began classes, I’ve seen her gain confidence and maturity in a nurturing and supportive environment.”

Mrs. Rettew– Parent of Student


“I choose to train at Kim Studio because it is a place where children and adults come together to learn and grow in an atmosphere of mutual respect and in the traditions of Tae Kwon Do.”

Mr. Braas– Kim Studio Teacher


“Tae Kwon Do not only keeps me physically fit but mentally fit, as well. Kim Studio has helped me build my confidence and focus.”

Miss Poehner– Kim Studio Student


World Tae Kwon Do Federation Certified Instructors

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