Supporting Your Young Martial Artist

Parents and guardians taking classes with children result in very powerful experiences, but we at Kim Studio Lancaster realize this is not always possible. There are many ways adults can still help their children learn and grow through Tae Kwon Do training even if the adults cannot be in the dojang.  Here are a few suggestions:

Father and Daughter 2012

1) Watch classes and talk about what you saw with your child;

2) Provide specific compliments about techniques, the way your child listened to the instructor, or the ways in which he or she worked hard;

3) Ask your child to describe specific movements and to explain why he or she learned these movements;

4) Discuss the philosophy and codes of behavior found in your child’s student handbook and posted on the dojang walls;

5) Approach a teacher, Sa Bom Nim, or Master Instructor after a class for observations or practice suggestions;

Father and Daughter 2018

6) Create flashcards with the names of forms and draw cards randomly for your child to practice, and

7) Create flashcards of vocabulary and turn vocabulary review into a game.

Parents and guardians should always feel they are important parts of their child’s martial arts development, and we encourage anyone wanting more ideas or information to please ask our teachers, Sa Bom Nims, or Master Instructors.