For Beginners

Why study Tae Kwon Do with us at Kim Studio?


1) Grandmaster Il Hoi Kim, a career martial artist with over sixty years of training and teaching experience, is involved actively with our instruction and has a vested interest in each student;


2) Our no-commitment Beginner’s Program provides prospective students with an introduction to our martial art and the experience necessary to transition comfortably into regular classes;


3) Kim Studio’s students, staff, and families are dedicated to helping and encouraging each other to become stronger in mind and body through our training;

4) Kim Studio’s approach to teaching emphasizes a balance of sport, art, and self-defense applications;


5) Our year-round, six-day-a-week class schedule provides the flexibility and consistency you need to reduce stress and improve your life despite work and school demands, and


6) We require no long-term contracts or commitments.


Our teaching staff can provide a wide variety of dates and times to meet your scheduling needs.  Please contact us today to schedule your Beginner’s Program.